Andreas Nikolovgenis, Adjunct Lecturer in the Department of Architecture, in collaboration with Evita Marioglou and Spyridon Karakostas (Diploma Students), received the 3rd Honorable Mention in the Panhellenic Architectural Competition “Reconstruction and Extension of the Pyli Town Hall“. Consultants: P. Panagiotopoulos (Structural), P. Argyros (Mechanical), Mina Matzari / Theodora Papadopoulou (Lighting).

The main architectural idea is the creation of a public stair that echoes the geographical condition of Pyli, as a transitional place between the Thessaly plain and the mountain range of Pindos, or fundamentally between plain and mountain. The stair is essentially the other expression of the roof that covers the new complex, capable of receiving various public events. The new, “geographical” space, will be, both natural, and semantically wide, able to symbolically represent the Municipality of Pyli, which is basically mountainous.


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