The logo/emblem of the School consists of a series of vertical bars with increasing heights. The right part of the logo (next to the bars) is formed by the wording which includes the name of the School and the University.


The logo has its roots in “the eagle on the sceptre”, which is the official emblem of the University of Ioannina.  Visually, it approximates the opening of one of its wings (symbolizing the flight to new directions), influenced by the mechanical wing of the flight machine of a great engineer: Leonardo daVinci. In addition, the height of the lines follow the first terms of the well-known Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8).

The line of height 3 is thicker in order to remind about the founding departments which started the School. The following, taller lines reflect the ambition for the further development of the School.

The designers

The logo was designed by Takis Kontakos and Matoula Kroustalli during their 3rd year of studies in the Department of Architecture.


The design of the emblem was entrusted to the Department of Architecture in the fall of 2017. The Department decided to give students the opportunity to propose and design their own ideas, through meetings with the School Administration. In December 2017, Nikos Patsavos and Karolos Galanos, under the guidance of George Rymenidis, organized a three-day workshop/competition among 3rd year Architecture students. Twelve excellent proposals emerged from this workshop, out of which the one by Matoula Kroustalli and Takis Kontakos was chosen.


The font used in the wording of the logo belongs to the PF Isotext Pro typeface family. Its use is licensed, courtesy of Parachute (, the type foundry which designed it.