The Engineering School has access to all the infrastructure and facilities of the University of Ioannina. In addition, the School’s departments maintain their own cutting-edge facilities for teaching and research purposes. Information about the buildings, the spaces, the equipment and the main laboratory units of each department can be found can be found in the respective Department’s web site. Here is a short summary:

Department of COMPUTER Science and Engineering

The Department has its own building in the campus, with a total floor area of 9.000 m2 which covers adequately its educational and research needs (classrooms, seminar and meeting rooms, offices, lab spaces, reading room, computer system rooms, storage spaces).

Educational Laboratories

  • Undergraduate Programming Labs I and II
  • Undergraduate Software Systems Lab
  • Undergraduate Computer Architecture and Hardware Lab
  • Undergraduate Information Systems Lab
  • Undergraduate Communication Systems and Networks Lab
  • Graduate Systems Lab

Research Laboratories

  • Laboratory for Distributed Management and Processing of Data
  • Algorithms Technology
  • VLSI Technology and Computer Architecture
  • Computer Systems Laboratory (CSL)
  • Intelligent High Performance Computing and Signal Processing

Department of MaterialS Science and Engineering

The Department has its own building in the campus. In addition it occupies office and lab spaces in other nearby buildings.


  • Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering – Unit of Medical Technology and Intelligent Information Systems
  • Laboratory of Ceramics and Composite Materials (CCL)
  • Laboratory of Composite and Smart Materials (CSML)
  • Laboratory of Composites, Membranes and Physical Chemistry & Evolution of Materials
  • Laboratory of Computational Materials Science
  • Laboratory of Electronic Materials
  • Laboratory of Magnetic Materials
  • Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling of Materials and Scientific Computing
  • Laboratory of Mechanics, Smart Sensors and Nondestructive Evaluation (MSS-NDE)
  • Laboratory of Applied Metallurgy
  • Laboratory of Performativity of Materials in Multiple Scales
  • Laboratory of Polymer Science & Engineering
  • Laboratory of Structural Materials Aiming at Building and Other Construction Applications