The Department of Architecture has the mission to cultivate and promote the science and engineering aspects of Architecture, especially in the fields of architectural synthesis, building technology, urban and spatial planning, and functional and aesthetic interior and building design; and train expert engineers capable of studying and investigating matters related to the above fields.

The Department’s purpose is to provide comprehensive education, which will shape trained and competent professionals, with composed views on architecture, young scientists and creators who will have mastered the required theoretical and practical knowledge, cultivated their skills on aesthetics and critical thinking, and will be able to respond to the developments of architecture concepts, and fully understand the social field where they will have to work.

The Department’s courses aim at the comprehensive development of research in the broader and unified subject of architectural theory and practice. They provide for the organization and development of a Study Program, based on which the Department will focus its academic and research work on architectural design, urban and spatial design, interior design, architecture and art history and theory, and will delve into research fields, including:

  •  Protection and Restoration of Historical Buildings and City Blocks;
  • Landscape Architecture and Outdoor Public Areas;
  • Architecture and New Technologies
  • City and Environmental Planning

The minimum duration of study is 10 semesters (five years).