The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) was established in 1999. It is one of the 3 founding Departments of the School of Engineering of the University of Ioannina. It is the only Department in Greece that awards a Diploma in Materials Science and Engineering recognized by the Technical Chamber of Greece.

The aim of the DMSE is to provide high quality education and training in Materials Science and Engineering. The students of DMSE are educated so as to obtain the skills to study, design and produce the engineering materials needed for all applications. To this end, the DMSE provides a purposefully designed curriculum consisting of both theoretical and applied courses related to the structure, the properties and the processing of materials. The DMSE graduate is a Materials Engineer capable of designing a product via the choice of the appropriate materials and processes for a specific application. He or she is qualified on one hand to study the structure-property relation which is the essence of Materials Science and, on the other hand, to design and apply the processes needed so as to achieve the required performance which is the essence of Materials Engineering.

The DMSE undergraduate studies last for five years or 10 semesters, are equivalent to 300 ECTS and include a compulsory final year diploma thesis. The Diploma of Materials Science and Engineering is equivalent to an Integrated Masters Degree according to Article 46 of Law 4485-2017. The DMSE graduates are accepted as members of the Technical Chamber of Greece in the Specialization of Chemical Engineering as Materials Science Engineers.