In the latest edition (Οct. 2022) of the so-called “Stanford” list, which contains the top 2% of scientists worldwide, 14 out of the 46 Professors of the University of Ioannina belong to the Faculty of Engineeering:

  • Agathopoulos, Simeon
  • Barkoula, Nektaria Marianthi
  • Fotiadis, Dimitrios
  • † Galatsanos, Nikolas P.
  • Likas, Aristidis
  • Mamoulis, Nikos
  • Matikas, T. E.
  • Paipetis, Alkiviadis S.
  • Parsopoulos, Konstantinos E.
  • Pitoura, Evaggelia
  • Tsaparas, Panayiotis
  • Vassiliadis, Panos
  • Zafeiropoulos, Nikolaos E.
  • Zonios, George

Scientists are ranked according to their citations and related bibliographic metrics, based on the whole of their career (see

The School of Engineering congratulates them for this highly prestigious distinction. The School is proud of its personnel which steadily expands its international footprint, maintaining the School’s prestige at high levels.