The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DCSE) was founded  in 1990 and admitted its first students in 1993. It offers a 5-year undergraduate program  leading to the prestigious Diploma of Engineering degree. Graduates are registered as full members of the Technical Chamber of Greece, with a specialty of Electronic Engineer. It is the oldest of the founding departments of the School of Engineering in the University of Ioannina.

Since its establishment, the DCSE has become one of the leading departments in Greece in the disciplines of computer science and computer engineering through its state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, its modern curricula which is based on international standards, and its continuing involvement in national and European research and development projects. It is noteworthy that based on CWTS Leiden’s rankings, the Department  is ranked 1st among IT departments in Greece.

The DCSE offers undergraduate and graduate programs of studies which aim  to provide students with the general scientific and engineering principles while also enabling them understand and assimilate new and future technologies, tools and systems. DCSE students are educated to combine theory with practice, use abstract thinking, synthesize and apply methodologies and techniques from various scientific fields and appreciate the value of high quality design. Because the fields of Computer Systems and Information Technology are evolving rapidly, students learn to adapt to change while also familiarizing themselves with the creation of new knowledge through participation in research.

Undergraduate studies at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are structured in 10 semesters. The courses, which are distinguished in  core (obligatory) and elective, cover the full range of necessary knowledge and skills. In the 10th semester of their studies, students undertake a Diploma Dissertation under the supervision of a faculty member. The curriculum is designed to provide our students with the necessary qualifications to responsibly tackle and solve complex problems in the area of ​​computer and information technology, in a rapidly changing world.

The DCSE offers a modern Graduate Studies program, leading to a Master’s degree on  “Data and Computer Systems Engineering”, with specializations in a) Data Science and Engineering or b) Advanced Computer Systems. The program includes graduate core and elective courses covering multiple disciplines, while in the third semester of their studies, students undertake thesis work under the supervision of a faculty member.

Motivated and qualified students are admitted to the Doctoral Program to pursue a PhD degree,  actively participating in the multifaceted research activities of the Department.